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Introducing Flourish In Flow (1st Post!)

welcome to flourish in flow

Hey y’all!

As I introduce this new space, we will be closing out the year 2020 for a new one!

With all that has transpired, most of us can recognize that these 365 days have been full of transforming experiences.

A mix of hard and easy,

vulnerability and security,

gains and losses,

births and transitions,

redirections and adjustments,

self-actualization and reflections,

stillness and reconnection,

the list goes on …

It has been a journey yall.. 

yet I’m filled with much gratitude going forward.

Through it all, we’ve gained lessons and abundant blessings.

Perhaps even the ability to see more reasons to be present with β€œ20/20 vision”.

One thing for certain, I am grateful to finally welcome you to this space. 

A space of creation that allows growth as I find comfort in letting it all flow… authentically.

Sharing parts of my journey with you,

as we consciously connect in the opportunities to truly exist here and now.

With this space, I embrace…

creating and exploring,

self-reflection and inner knowing,

living and learning,

evolving and growing,

persevering and allowing,

balancing and grounding,

flourishing in flowing.

Thanks for stopping by!πŸ’› 

Feel free to join by staying connected via email or on social media @flourishinflow! Also, check out my next post about welcoming in the new year with 31 days of daily gratitude practice.

Flourish In Flow